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Although there are many variations of “Modern Design”, there is a general description in which all forms of modernism have in common. When it comes to Modern Floral Artistry, we see the following general characteristics:

• Clean, straight lines • Clear glass, stainless steel, chrome and other metals
• Minimalism
• Lack of clutter (no accessories such as bows, fillers leaves, filler flowers, limited variety of flowers)
• Bold colors or single color used for emphasis (Special Occasion, Holiday,etc)
• Neutral colors such as white used for placement in general design spaces
• Not a lush or fluffy look and limited in movement


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Simple, clean, offers an uncluttered look
• Typically tall and linear in style all
• Vases are clear glass, square and tall
• No accent flowers.
• Limited greenery
Greenery is done with large tropical foliage, accented by bamboo, curly willow, rush or bonsai branches

Flower types are limited to about 3 types-
Large round flowers (like lilies) in the front
Linear, tall flowers toward the back
Orchids placed throughout for extension

Expert Tip-
We would not recommend putting roses in this design. Typically starts at $75

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