Plants & Dish Gardens

Plants are a great eco-friendly gift option for those allergic to flowers. If well cared for, they are a long lasting gift that will continue to grow and thrive for years. All of our plants can be repotted into larger containers for continued growth and flowering. Most of the plants in our collection are indoor plants, but many can be placed outdoors with appropriate shade. Petals of Boca blooming plants are a great gift for a woman, a new home or business. Our tropical plants are perfect for business clients or a gesture of "Thank You" or "Congratulations". They are also great as a gift to a man due to their conservative, masculine nature. Consider sending a plant for Father's Day or Happy Birthday to Him. All plants and dish gardens are perfectly packaged in decorative containers of quality that are appropriate for all indoor spaces. Our plants are delivered in the heartiest, healthiest condition for enjoyment years to come.